Fake fluid simulation (animation) with collision?

I would like to create an effect where a big stream of water would pour down from a pipe, wait a second, then jump to the side (not very realistic, but still)

Since UE4 doesn’t currently have any built in fluid simulation support, I was thinking on simulating it in blender, and then
exporting and importing it into UE4.

My problem is how do I make the simulation collide with my non-flat ground correctly? Specifically:

  1. When the big stream of water pour down from the pipe - it needs to know where to hit. How do I do that?
  2. When the water will jump to the side, the target location of the jump might not be the same height as the one it poured into, and possibly not flat either.

How can I accomplish those things?

I know there is some sort of fork made by Nvidia with their fluid simulation,
yet I don’t know which platforms they support (xbox? ps4? etc) nor it’s limitation,
not to mention I would very much like not to build the engine from source

What you want to achieve is a dream of the future developers. Indeed nVidia with its GPU based PhysX is (partially) able to do this with huge performance impact, not suitable for games where it is only designed for river to flow. However it is only able to run on nVidia GPUs. Simply said, you have to fake it somehow. Blender fluid simulation won’t help you with this one.