Fake dynamic destruction on Android - possible ?

Since Android has no support for dynamic destruction, I am wondering if it’s possible to fracture mesh in the Editor, save fractured actor, then swap intact and broken models when we want to destroy the actor, and then apply some basic physics for pieces to fall down / burst out.

Is it achievable out of the box? How would I do all that ?



You can bake the simulation into animation curves and import it into UE4 as a Skeltal mesh with animation.

How to bake Dynamic Physics in Blender and Import it into Unreal engine as an FBX animation

Tutorial: Pre-made physics simulation in Unreal Engine 4 (using 3ds Max)

Thanks for that Blender link, but I’d really want to do it all in UE4, if possible. There are certain things that better be done in UE4 than in Blender. Fracturing is one of those things.

I’ve done something like this… contact me man. Swap some how to’s ok? or not, up to you man.

Im Going For Mobile Destruction And Im Guessing, if I simulate Then Bake To Abc, Then I Can Possibly Run In On Mobile, This Worked On Cryengine, So I’m Guessing It Will Work Here Too