Fakado's UE4 VFX


These first few gifs aren’t on my ArtStation yet, but generally all previous and future work are to be uploaded there incase I forget anything here, so please check it out if interested! https://www.artstation.com/fakado

Been a little while but I’ve finally gotten back to working, hooray!

A little bit ago, Yoeri asked me if I’d like to play about with his new marketplace content that he’s currently working on, I was super hyped to play with it as I’ve seen him post about it before. I’ve spent the last two days shutting myself in a dark room making bright VFX (it’s not good for you, don’t do this) and I’ve got a couple of gifs I’d like to share here in this first post of the thread!

~~ I think gifs here don’t work because these are .mp4 files but unfortunately gifs from gyazo are quite laggy so I have to keep it at .mp4 to display the effect as-is :frowning: And I don’t think they endlessly loop, but please click on the links to view the effects directly on gyazo :slight_smile: ~~

I love trial and error in VFX as you can make some awesome things by accident so I wasn’t looking at reference for any of these effects and whilst I’m sure I could’ve done improvements on some of them by using reference, I find that part of the joy of making VFX for me is putting my hand in the magic hat and pulling out something random and building it from there.




I will also be filling this thread with any content I make in the future! And as always, I’m happy to receive any critique anyone may have, I have steel skin so fire away!

Hey again!

I’ve been working on Thunder Tier One for a while now, little hobby project that’s going on with some veterans from Bohemia and a lead from PUBG. Today I spend all day going back and updating all of our muzzle flashes and cartridge ejections for majority of the weapons, let me know what you all think :slight_smile:

May need to watch it in fullscreen as YouTube compression makes it harder to see, is there a way around this? (Recording at a lower resolution?)