Failure to save map when adding actor component

When adding and changing a new actor component to an actor editor fails to save .umap


  1. Create a new Actor blueprint
  2. Create a new Actor Component blueprint
  3. Add component from 2. to actor from 1.
  4. Make a new variable in component from 2.
  5. Try to save

After step 4. remove actor component from actor and re attach it.

Error message

Can't save ../../../../../Documents/Unreal Projects/Inventory/Content/FirstPersonBP/Maps/FirstPersonExampleMap.umap: Graph is linked to private object(s) in an external package.
External Object(s):
Try to find  chain of references to that object (may take some time)?

 asset '/Game/FirstPersonBP/Maps/FirstPersonExampleMap' (FirstPersonExampleMap.umap) failed to save.

Cancel: Stop saving all assets and return to  editor.
Retry: Attempt to save  asset again.
Continue: Skip saving this asset only.

 following assets failed to save correctly:

Hi Rmic,

Thanks for your report! This is a known issue in 4.7 (UE-11586) that has already been fixed internally. fix should appear in a future release (probably 4.8). Thanks for posting your workaround!