Fails to install Android SDK, NDK, etc properly

download and instal sdk and ndk and jdk in this video :

I need to keep both the old and new versions of Unreal and AndroidWorks, so I need to manually specify SDK and NDK paths. What are them? Description says the directories should contain “android-sdk-” and “android-ndk-” but I can’t find those files inside my nvpack install folder.

Edit - got it now. For SDK it’s /NVPACK/android-sdk-windows/ and for NDK it’s /NVPACK/android-sdk-windows/ndk/21.1.6352462

I am facing this problem everytime i try to run setup android. I have installed required sdk,ndk and java in the default directories. But my Unreal engine is in another drive which is not C drive. Because of this error i can’t run the setupandroid file successfully and may be this is the reason i cannot accept SDK license inside unreal engine. Please can anyone solve this issue for me?? I am bit worried and helpless right now.

i just cant believe this problems with this thing, im stuck cant build for android my boss need this asap… i cant get it, why my .bat didnt install the ndk and just close? i dont know what to do now from here…im just missing the NDK and dont know where to get that from :frowning:

what i have to do

I have the same problem. Still can’t find an answer - UE 4.26.2