Fails to get the navigation path in UE5 EA

I placed a Nav Mesh Volume and used Move to Actor to implement an AI that moves to the player.
However, if you save with the Nav Mesh Volume placed or build the navigation path, the AI will not work.
If it is not saved or the navigation path is not built, AI will work normally.
It was normal for Maps that do not use World Partition.

I am using 5.0.0-16682836 +++ UE5 + Release-5.0-EarlyAccess.

Can confirm. Seeing very similar behaviour. I can kind of get it to work by placing a second NavMesh Volume in the scene with scale (0,0,0) and then move it into the other NavMesh Volume. When it stops working again, I move the 0-scale NavMesh away from the primary NavMesh this time.

However, this work-around only works for PIE – when running as a Standalone Game, NavMesh straight-up doesn’t work at all.