Failing to use AActor function?

Hey! I am trying to override a static function, but for whatever reason, I am getting the following error:

‘unresolved external symbol “public: virtual void __cdecl AHitscan_Weapon::PostInitializeComponents(void)” (?PostInitializeComponents@AHitscan_Weapon@@UEAAXXZ)’

Anyone know why it does not work? What I should also note, is that the class was a “Pawn”, but I converted it into an “Actor”.

UCLASS(Abstract, Blueprintable)
class AHitscan_Weapon : public AActor
	/** perform initial setup */
	virtual void PostInitializeComponents() OVERRIDE;

Thank you in advance!

Ahhh no I didnt, I just wanted to get a header out there before I start on the executional. Thanks!

More than likely this means you haven’t actually defined the function anywhere - have you got a definition for the function in your *.cpp somewhere? It should look like this:

void AHitScan_Weapon::PostInitializeComponents()