Failing to transition animation, please help noob

I am testing a few things out since I’m starting to learn the engine. I have a button on a pop up widget, when pressed causes the character to jump and play the the jump_start animation. But after the character jumps into the air while doing the jump_start animation, it does not transition into jump_loop then jump_end, rather just lands back frozen in the end frame of the jump_start animation. All the state machines and everything is set and I dont understand why its not completing the jump animation fully as intended. How can I fix this? Thanks

Did you change any of those states?
could be lots of things.
Open persona on the animation blueprint.
click the play buttom to play in editor.
shift f1 to release the mouse if its trapped.
go over to persona and select the character from the dropdown.
With both windows open you will be able to visually debug the progress through the state machine or animation graph.

I migrated the mannequin from third person example template along with all of its animations that come with it. In the animation blueprint for the jump_start, when I check the “is in Air?” box it runs through all the states in the preview window of the blueprint but when I play in editor and click the jump button it only goes to the end of jump_start and freezes there (until I click the button again, which makes it do the same thing again and freeze at the same point again)

Remove the Play Animation node your Jump button and close menu logic. The Jump node is all you need to trigger the animation.


Plus, you see that in the Play Animation node there is the “New Animation to Play” box?
If you check it, you will find out that that’s the Jump Start animation that gets played every time you hit the Spacebar.

Badically the Play Animaton node overrule the State Machine and will play only the Animation listed in it.

Perfect! I removed the play animation node and it started working :smiley: thanks guys <3