Failing to cast to Player Blueprint

I’m currently trying to cast to the player blueprint via the game mode blueprint, whilst using the ‘Get Player Pawn’ node as the wildcard object and using a function from the player blueprint as the target. However, this doesn’t seem to work as it just results in a cast fail. I’ve included images below showing the code for the casting operation, as well as the function itself that I’m casting from the player blueprint. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

That’s a fine idea and sounds like it would work. However, there is an exposed array node in the Player blueprint that gets the spawn locations (which are billboard actors) which are accessed within the ‘Default’ section in an instance when the player is in a level. While I’ve created this array variable in the GameMode BP, I’m not sure how I would find the ‘Default’ section for me to insert these spawn points into. Where would I find them?

The node within the blueprint, and the array section within the level can be seen in the images below.