Failing on packaging with LogLinker: Error: Bad name index -1/63

I’ve Googled for solutions to this and none of them seem to be consistent (whether solved or unsolved). I seriously need to figure this out as I can’t move forward on development until I do. Packaging fails on both PC and HTML5 attempts, with the same error.

I uninstalled the engine and reinstalled. I created a new project and migrated only the necessary files over. I created an empty C++ class and tried to add it to my project. I deleted the asset referenced just before the error (which changes if I deleted the Intermediate and Saved folders, referencing some engine content (Saved/Cooked/HTML5/Engine/Content/EngineMeshes/Cube.uasset).

Nothing has worked so far. I’d really love for an Epic engineer or someone to figure this out, since it seems like a lot of people are getting similar errors.

Log files attached. Thanks for your time!

link text
link text

Ok so the way I solved this was a bit brute force, but nothing else was working.

Caveat: I remembered that before I started getting the error in packaging that I’d tried to rename one of my folders within the editor. Something seemed wrong so I tried to change it back. Well, it changed back, but what actually happened was it kept the re-named folder and hid it. I found this out in the Content Browser by clicking ‘View Options > Show Folders > Show Hidden Folders’ (which will only appear if you have a hidden folder). So I deleted that folder, but my guess is the damage was done. Some reference in my folder was being redirected to the re-named folder, which didn’t exist any more.

So the way I fixed it:

  1. Created an empty project
  2. One by one started copying files over, ensuring that I wasn’t copying something that required a dependency for a file I hadn’t copied yet (this is where you learn how bad you are at hierarchical engineering since you aren’t an engineer).
  3. Each time, re-package to ensure that you’re getting success.
  4. Finally copy the last file (for me it was the GameMode), re-pack, and pray.
  5. Rejoice that you ‘fixed’ the problem you created.

Hopefully this helps someone else because I beat my head against this for several days before I just buckled down and did grunt work to make it package ok. I’m sure there’s some better way and if I were an engineer could have probably troubleshot it in VS.

By the way, I did not use the ‘migrate’ tool to copy files over, since every time I tried, it wanted to pull like, everything over, and that wouldn’t have worked since I wanted to test each blueprint/enum/struct out individually to see if they were the culprit. I just had two explorer windows up, and manually copy/pasted files over, checking them each time by looking for any broken nodes, fixing if there were, and re-packaging.

During this time the log started lightly complaining about my game mode missing, but it didn’t prevent a ‘successful’ package. Of course once I finally copied that file over (the last one) it stopped giving me the warning and was just successful.

Another note, once I had to copy 3 files over at once since they each had dependencies on the other. I figured either way I’d narrow it down in case there were errors but luckily there weren’t.