Failing a cast to animation blueprint.


I want to use an animated skeletal mesh as a HUD component but I’m having a problem casting to the mesh’s animation blueprint to toggle the animations on and off. I’m not sure I’m properly getting the instance of the animation or something. The only examples I’ve been able to find so far involve getting the player pawn which doesn’t seem right for me as the mesh I’m animating is actually a component of a child actor in the player blueprint.

Please shout if I’m not making sense - I’m starting to confuse even myself!

Thanks for reading,


Casting just verifies if the object that is being casted is the type of object that you’re casting too. Which based on what you’ve said and what I can see from your graphs, is not true in this instance. If the “Animation BP” is an actual AnimBP, then you can use the “Get Anim Instance” node to return it’s instance of the blueprint. The node takes a skeletal mesh reference input.