Failed to trigger event because it does not implement the necessary interface

I implemented an ability to trigger events from the Cinematic Sequencer on the level blueprint. I followed this tutorial:

It works, but on each triggered even on the sequencer timeline I am getting the following warning:

BirdsMasterSequence Failed to trigger
event because it does not implement
the necessary interface. Function
expects a ‘OnSoundToText_C’.

Now, I am not sure if I need to address this warning or discard. In my application I am using sub-levels.Each such a level has its own level sequencer triggering OnSoundToText event on the main level’s blueprint. Event function interface is called “OnSoundToText” and I do implement it per function in the sequencer BP. But I see that Unreal adds suffixes like “_C” in runtime, probably to prevent naming collision between same function across different sub-levels an due to the interface name change in runtime it “doesn’t understand” to which interface it is related.
I would like to understand if this is an issue I have somehow to handle or I can just discard it. I still haven’t packaged the app so I feel like I can get surprised there with such a bug.

add event track from the green button +track rather than the dark grey button

Implement the blueprint interface on all sub levels as well as the persistent level.

I am not sure what you mean. That’s what I do. I use a separate “Event” track.

This solved the issue. Thanks.