Failed to retreive cooked data for audio file.

LogAudio: Warning: Failed to retreive cooked data for audio file.

I’m getting this error in a package game for my audio file. The ue4 audio files from the starter content work. But for some reason mine doesn’t. In the editor it works just not in packaged game… geez how great…

-Development packaged game.
-works in editor
-played from bp
-other sound within sound cue(starter content wav) is working
-not my imported sound(wav also).

Bump Because this is like the only thing wrong with my game

I’m new and have been trying to figure out this whole audio implementation on my own (not much help in documentation). Regarding simply playing a sound, it seems function “Add Audio Component” does the same thing as function “Play Sound 2D.” So in my project I simply deleted all the Cues I originally created in my content folder and instead use “Sound Wave Object” variables/arrays to do the job, working directly with the wave files rather than dealing with any sound cues. I wonder if you switch your implementation this way will it make a difference? I’m guessing your project works in Standalone Game mode also but not with packaging? I have imported wave files also, so this could be a problem for me down the road too. I had to use LameXP to convert from wav to PCM wav in order for UE to import it. If UE is able to import these files, it should be able to export them also; might be a bug? Bump.