Failed to process file DefaultEngine.ini

For some reason I can not create a new project. As soon as I launch my engine 4.10.1, and I then goto the First Person setup > Desktop / Console > Max Quality > With Starter Content > Create Project. I get the following error, “Failed to process file DefaultEngine.ini”.

This is also happens without Starter Content selected. I have also tried reinstalling engine 4.10.1. I have also set my editor and launcher to have administrator rights. What is causing this error and how do I create a basic FPS Project?

Could you report this in the Bugs section of answerhub.
Here is the link: Bug Reports - UE4 AnswerHub

It is resolved, not sure how. I believe it was related to a permissions issue with my user account at work. Either I.T. fixed it behind the scenes or I clicked on the right thing. Thank though!