Failed to Package Project (even when using a template as a test)?

Hi there,
so i just switched from UE4.9 to 4.13 and when i tried to package my project for windows x64 or x32 the first time a message popped up saying that i need Visual Studio 2015 to be installed on my machine to proceed with the packaging process, after installing VS 2015 (when installing VS i went with the default installation settings because programing/coding is my weakest point) and attempting to package my project for windows it fails. so i tried packaging a new UE4.13 template project and it still fails even when using a blank project … here are the output logs for the templates i used:

[first person example map][1]

[rolling bp example map][2]

[blank project][3]

113193-firstpersonexamplemap.txt (35 KB)
[2]: 113194-rollingbpexamplemap.txt (37.5 KB)
[3]: 113195-blank+project.txt (32.6 KB)
all showing the same error and only one warning in common "LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to find object ‘Class None.’.
i searched the UE answers hub for the same problem … non of the threads helped, that’s why i’m posting my question here, any information on this subject would be appreciated.
ps: one suggestion i’ve read on the hub is to install Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015 … that didn’t help!


Could you please try the suggestions listed in the following [forum post][1]?


UnrealBuildTool: ERROR: No modules found to build. All requested binaries were already part of the i - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

hi , thank you for replying, unfortunately the provided forum’s suggestions didn’t help. though i tried making new C++ project instead of BP, and it compiles successfully (but only when using C++ project, the engine still fails when packaging my project or a template BP project). ps: when first launching C++ project and firing VS along with it … a message showed up (vs) about how i’m missing a couple of features inside VS 2015 and i need to install them in order to compile the C++ project …i did and it still won’t compile in BP project.

Please delete your Intermediate and Saved folders from the project folder, then try to package again. Please then provide me with the logs from your newest attempt on a BP project. I’d like to see if there are any changes in the error since you went through all of that effort with your VS build tools.


ohh, i already deleted the old BP test projects. so i created new template BP projects and did a package run before and after deleting the 2 mentioned folders:
[First Person Example Map - before deleting][1],
[First Person Example Map - after][2],
[Blank Project - before][3],
[Blank Project - after][4],
i’ve noticed there are differences in the logs not only between the before and after, but also between the before and the original logs from my question.

113558-first+person+example+map.txt (32.1 KB)
[2]: 113559-first+person+example+map±+after.txt (32.1 KB)
[3]: 113560-blank+project.txt (32.1 KB)
[4]: 113571-blank+project±+after.txt (32.1 KB)

[Rolling BP Example Map - before][1],
[Rolling BP Example Map - after][2]

113573-rolling+bp+example+map.txt (32 KB)
[2]: 113574-rolling+bp+example+map±+after.txt (35.4 KB)

so i’ve found a way around it … by using a C++ class inside my BP project (or any other BP project).
inside your Editor go to File >>> New C++ Class then choose anything (i usually go with None),>>> Next >>> Create, … this will compile the C++ class inside your project and launch Visual Studio 2015 (it will also increase your project size … for the FPS template it went from 85 MB to 2.8 GB) after that the packaging process went successful. but i only use this method when i want to test my project. before that i make a copy of my project on my hard then implement the C++ class and after packaging i delete the project with the implemented C++ and restore my original project … waiting for the next UE4 release.