Failed to open external login gui Android

I’m getting really confused since i can’t find any help on the internet about this, on my game start i want to login to google play game services when i launch the game to my phone it fails to connect, i don’t know where i went wrong, what am i supposed to do with this? it allows me to download the app signing certificate and the upload certificate, but after i download the certificate files i don’t what i’m supposed to do with it, is this why the google play login doesn’t work? my game has a keystore and it’s in beta on the playstore, there’s no step by step guide that explains what you need to do to get it working, only after the login is succesful will i be able to get achievements and leaderboards for google play to work in my game, there’s also the keys i have inside my google play console for the game, i don’t understand what i’m supposed to do with the codes that are in the api keys also, and this is the link that i published for public release in google play store, everything works fine for the game but i cannot get google play services to work for it…any.colordisko
i run a branch from gamestart which checks is player logged in and from false it links to open external login ui, in my game the the google play games icon comes on the screen, then it shows circle for 1 second and disappears, then it shows ‘failed to connect’ print string which i made from ‘failed’ connection on open external login ui node

Is it packaged for shipping or development? I know the external login GUI does not work for me unless the game is packaged as a shipping build.