Failed to open Descriptor File - UE4.27 - Android Target 30

Hi is there … please anyone! Who knows a solution for the Descriptor failed to open … problems … ?

I tried everythings … requesting permissions, added the permissions in the project settings etc. etc. nothing works!
This is an Android 11 problems (maybe also android 10 idk), because on Android 9, i dont have any problems. I can temp. fix this problem when i package my game for distribtution / as shipped … but i have a little crash problem on my app and i cant see logs because it is builded as shipped version

I tried it on a Oneplus 3 (Android 11), Oneplus 3 (Android 9 - works), Poco F2 Pro (Android 11), Redmi Note 9 (Android 11), Oneplus 1 (Oneplus 9/10)

If anyone know something … maybe a fix, please help me
The app works but without logs, i cant fix problems

I tested it on a computer which had never installed before the unreal engine and android studio, i installed:

  • Android Studio 3.5.3
  • Unreal Engine 4.27
  • Visual Studio 2019 Community
  • Android SDK 30
  • Android NDK r21d

I created an app with just a Main Menu (2 Button), with the current options and requirements listed on the UE4.27 Documentation
It’s not working, i reproduced it as i said on a new PC

Update 2:
Since it’s working on the UE4.26, i reported it as Engine Bug… - i reproduced this twice
Would be interesting if anyone can use the UE4.27 with android target 30 ?