Failed to open descriptor file on shipping build config?



I am aware that there are some workarounds to this problem (Failed to open descriptor file error - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums), with renaming the .exe in the WindowsNoEditor\ProjectName\Binaries\Win64, or making a shortcut and in the target adding the line “…/…/…/ProjectName/ProjectName.uproject”

But I’d like to know if there is any solution that doesn’t involve the project to be modified after it has been packaged?

Even when I try to package on a new blank project I get the same error.

I’m trying to package it for windows 64-bit, build configuration: shipping

Hey Numsi550,

How are you packaging? Are you using cook on the fly or cook by the book? Since we ignore certain command line options in shipping, cook on the fly doesn’t work when packaging for shipping.


I’m not familiar with the cook on the fly or cook by the book terms. Could you be more specific.

I’m using the binary version of unreal engine.

First I choose the shipping configuration (File > Package Project > Build Configuration > Shipping).

Then I just package the project (File > Package Project > Windows > Windows (64-bit))

Thank you for your help.

Can you show me the filepath you’re using to open your project, screenshots are fine. This is where I am opening my project once packaged.

[Packaging Documentation][2]

This is the full path to the packaged project

And this is the error when I double click the project .exe file

I know you’re trying to figure this error out without modifying. But since the error is occurring, we’re going to need to work around it.

Could you provide me the exact production steps to get this to happen? Can you verify this is happening on both your project as well as a blank template from the engine?

If you can’t reproduce it, could you please try to migrate your whole project from one folder to the next. If you feel unsure about this, create a copy of your project and just practice with the copy version.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

I’ve created a short video where I go through the packaging process on a blank project.

Here is a google drive link:

I’ve found what created this error.
When I disable Substance Plugin, the game plays fine (there is no descriptor error).

So the only way for now to run the project, is to have this plugin disabled.

Getting the same “Failed to open descriptor file” error. The build runs fine from the original directory it was built to, but the error comes up when I copy the package to a network drive and try to run it from there. Disabling the substance plug-in isn’t an option, as that would require major rework of the project. Any other workarounds for this issue? This error is a show stopper and we need to get the package out to the client. Thanks for any help!