"Failed to open descriptor file" on 2nd Local PC

Hi, I’ve encountered this “Failed to open description file” error that others have also been seeing, but I believe mine is caused by a slightly different reason. Here were the steps:

  1. Package existing project folder into a .zip file
  2. Transfer .zip file to 2nd PC, and extract
  3. Generate new VS solution file & open
  4. Try to launch UE4 Editor from VS
  5. Get the error: Failed to open description file [PATH NAME to .uproject file]

Here’s the hint though: the PATH NAME is that of the 1st PC. The 2nd PC doesn’t even have a D drive, but the path shown in the error is of the original project’s path name, which is on the D drive of the 1st PC.

Am I not transporting the project properly? Are there additional steps that I am missing? Any help would be appreciated!

My apologies. Noob mistake.

I had deleted the “Intermediate” folder but not the “Saved” folder before rebuilding on the 2nd PC.

I’m having the same issue now working with the ARKit Sample on a Mac. Deleting the “Saved” and “Intermediate” folder didn’t seem to affect anything. Any ideas?

Hi Flawsome, I’m not sure if this will help, but when transferring projects, the only things you need to transfer are supposedly:

  1. THREE folders: Config, Content and Source
  2. The .uproject file

After that, you can rebuild it on any computer, on any platform. At least that’s been my experience so far. So, perhaps try just copying those “necessary folders/files” only and try again?

Hey! I downloaded the ARKit example project and had the same issue. Deleting those folders didn’t help, but moving the project to /Users/Shared/Epic Games/UE_4.17 did the trick as it was clearly trying to access the default absolute path. Not sure how to change this path tho, so for now, the example project will be in my Editor folder :slight_smile:

Is this where your engine install directory is?