Failed To load Outer Resource error

Hi can anyone help, unreal engine is giving me two error messages each time I open my project, I have to keep compiling the widgets in order to resolve this issue but the problem keeps occurring each time I open the project again. I get the attached error message (CreateExport: Failed to load Outer for resource), can anyone help in resolving this issues, thanks

Found a fix to this problem, I created a new project and migrated all the files from my old project to the new one. Although you have to add the new inputs for the newly created project.

I am having the same issue. I have to compile all of my Blueprints as well when I open a project. It started when I updated to 4.12.3. Worked Fine up to 4.12.2. I will try the migration method. Can the entire project be migrated in one shot. I am not too familiar with the migration tool.


yeah the entire project can be migrated, you’ll just have to create new inputs for the controls in the newly created project and you should be good, the problem hasn’t came up since.

I have the same problem, does not work migration. Is there another thing to do in order to fix it?
Unreal engine 4.13.1