Failed to load most current translation archive

Hi all,
I am currently working on localization for our application and have run into an issue with attempting to work on the Japanese. Prior to adding the Japanese culture, I was able to add and translate into French. However, when I follow the same process to start on the Japanese (ja-JP) translations, it gives me the error:

“Failed to load most current translation archive (…/…/…/Education/Content/Localization/Game/ja-JP/Game.archive), unable to load translations.”

Any help on this is greatly appreciated !

Same question … any solutions for this problem? :slight_smile:

The general advice is that it’s better to export the strings to a .po file, edit them using something like PoEdit, then import them again.

However if you want to edit them directly in UE and you find you have this error, I’ve found you can fix it just by copying the Game.archive file from your base language directory (e.g. en) into your newly created language folder. It will be misleading because it’ll think all the translations are Complete, but it does at least solve the problem and you can edit the translations in UE after that.

Change native translation you will lose all words and progress.

Then set all cultures you want to translate

Then set native culture

Then you can edit translations for any culture and it will work