Failed to Load error

So I accidentaly have deleted my folder with all of my BPs (please don’t ask me why and how I did it) and didn’t find them in windows bin so ofc I wanted to jump out of my window but after some hours I found a folder with autosaves and there actually were all of BPs I need, so I transfered them where they should be and seems like they are loarding up and I can see that inside of BP everything is okay. Now the problem I’m facing is these erros

and I don’t understand how to fix them :slight_smile: when I click on the file I can (mostly) find it and everything inside is also alright

I tried to delete file and take a new file from the autosave but error is the same. Here I also have a problem that if you look at the path of the file there is a ‘Game’ folder but there is no such folder in my project

However folder ‘Game’ is present in autosave version where I took it

So this is all I have and I don’t understand why am I getting the error and too afraid to mess things up like I already did… Please help!

oops, forgot the question tag

I’m not sure but probably you need to do a right-click on folder and do “Fix Up Redirectors in Folder”

Thanks for the answer! Didn’t work but the problem was that it didn’t recognize files as the real one’s so I just duplicated them and changed relations, took some time but it works :slight_smile:

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