Failed to launch editor

Hi guys. I am hitting the following error again and again when using custom engine build (4.26). When I am trying to launch the editor via .uproject file I am getting a popup window saying “Failed to launch editor”. If I launch my Visual Studio project in debug,the editor opens okay. But I can’t get the editor open from the .uproject file.

I have the same problem. Can’t find any solution. Very annoying.

Same problem, was trying to test my project to see how much video memory it was using outside of the editor but couldn’t because I get this same error. I can launch it standalone but I’m not sure if that’s the same, I imagine it is but it would help if I could close everything out and get my Video Memory as low as possible when I’m running the test.

If you compile the engine with Debug Editor and Win64 configuration, the output file may be named “UnrealEditor-Win64-Debug.exe” and rename this file to “UnrealEditor.exe” will be work .It seems that only Development Editor can launch by double click the .uproject file default.