Failed to install ... some files could no be copied to the project

When trying to install vault assets to my UE5 project, I now get an error about it failing to install because some files could not be copied to the project.

I was previously able to install the vault assets to the project. Now I cannot. Does anyone have any ideas what I might have changed for this problem to occur?


Having the same problem :frowning: Have you found the solution by any chance? Cant install Megascans trees into 5.1

If anyone’s curious, I stumbled upon a workaround. It seems like the older Material is causing some clashes with the new one. Instead of fiddling with materials, I decided to go with a different approach. I created a fresh project, threw in some new Megascan trees, and manually moved them over to my main project’s content folder. Best of luck to all of you! :slight_smile: