Failed to Import in UE4

I created a static mesh on Blender today of a gate, and when I try to import it as an FBX to UE4, I get an error with title ‘Message’. Error is “Failed to import . Failed to Add asset /game/shape/gate”
The message log gives me errors : 1) No triangles on mesh
2) Import Failed.

I have no problems posting the fbx and source, but the site is not letting me, says invalid file type.
So, how do I get it to work.
P.S. I used a Bezier Curve and then added modifiers on a cylinder to get a curve, does that create a problem?

Hi ,

Just so I understand clearly. Are you trying to cut a cylinder by using curve data or are you trying to modify the look of the mesh using curve data? What settings are you using for exporting your FBX and what version of blender are you using?

Im trying to modify the look of my cylinder using curve data. Im creating a small cylinder, then using the array modifier to trace the curve path. Im also using the curve modifier. Ive also split the cylinder into 12 parts to enable better curve.
Blender version : 2.73A
I don’t know about my export settings, but they are default settings(with the exception of setting my scale to 0.01) and all other meshes Ive made using these settings so far have worked fine(but all were much simpler, just modifying the size and locations of basic stuff)

I was able to reproduce this and have entered a bug report, UE-13739 to be assessed with the development staff.