Failed to import FBX...

Hello all (sorry for my english, i’m french…),

I have a problem with FBX import : “Failed to import (…) Failed to create asset” …

I have export AnvilWorkBench static meshes and MortarandPestal static meshes, and open it with “Maya Autodesk”.
I import Bench first and after the mortar, placed on it.

I save and export on FBX files, but impossible to re-import in the ADK ???

i’ve try just open, save and export, without modification, and same problem…

Have you an idee for resolve ?

That because you need to setup the version under “Edit export preset” to “FBX 2014/2015” i assume you are using Maya 2016 correct?

I use Maya 2017 (trial version), and i have just 1 option to FBX export :confused:

I need complete version of Maya ?

Ho i’ve find, it is an hidden option, thank’s :slight_smile:

However, ADK separates all files ? I dont have my custom model , just all base files ?

I will try to find a solution :stuck_out_tongue:

A collegue helped me : for import the item into just one file, in Maya, before exporting, go to the “Mesh” menu, and valid the “Combine” option :wink:

With this, when importing, the item will be in just one file, and you can put the textures for each item separately :slight_smile: