Failed to import asset - ambigous error message

This is message I get while trying to import skeletal mesh fbx file exported from Maya:

“Failed to import ‘…/…/…/…/…/Maya/Skirt_maya_fbx.fbx’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/Characters/HeroTPP/Cloth/Skirt_maya_fbx’”

I’m sure it’s my fault that fbx file is not importing properly. But that message is not really helpful in diagnosing why my file is not importing

Problematic files are in attachment. Both binary and ascii file.

just checked the file and it didn’t have a mesh just the skeleton !!!

I know. I figured it out later. But the point is that the error message should tell me that there is nothing to import (;.

Hi Lukasz,

This is a known issue that the import failed message is vague. We do already have a report in requesting more informative error messages.