Failed to import animation from blender to UE4

import static mesh from blender to UE4 is quite easy, you just have to increase the scale of the mesh in blender, and this is cool !
But when its time to import animations…oh my god, this is just a DISASTER !
this is the lotery
First case : the animated model is 100 times smaller than expected
second case : all bones are on the same “plane” while this is obviously not the case in blender

The mesh is imported corectly on the left ,the animated mesh on the right

is anybody have the same kind of issues?

(sorry for my english!!!)

Finally after tons and tons of trys,I found where the problem came from

be careful with the Newer 7.4 binary version!!!

Another problem is that smoothing groups are seriously messed up in the 6.1 ASCII so you are forced to import animations and skeletal meshes with face smoothing.

I am about to give up on animation + blender + UE4