Failed to generate clothing sim mesh due to degenerate triangle.

Hi All!

When attempting to Create Clothing Asset from Section on a mesh with a clearly selected section I get the error:

**Failed to generate clothing sim mesh due to degenerate triangle, found conincident vertices in triangle A=X=0.742 Y=-22.883 Z=148.878 B=X=0.962 Y=-23.335 Z=150.640 C=X=0.962 Y=-23.335 Z=150.640

**I have a vague idea of what this could mean, but can anyone assist me with first correcting the problem and secondly giving me enough information so I don’t make it happen again?

Thanks in advance!


I have the same issue and I can’t find a solution anywhere.

Probably means you’ve got vertices on top of another, in Blender you would fix this by doing Remove Doubles.

Hey, I know I’m a bit late, but try changing (in the APEX export settings) the output unit to centimeters instead of meters. We noticed in the .xml files that correspond to the .apx files that are exported from the scene, the *ContactOffset *value was really, really low. Once we changed the output unit, the *ContactOffset *value became larger and we no longer saw the error in Unreal. My theory is that the export size was so small, that the engine interpreted the distance between vertices small enough to call them coincident.

I have encountered this as well, there is a typo in the error “conincident” should be coincident vertices, which means vertices occupying the same space withing some tolerance. It appears that distance tolerance is around 0.06 or less.