Failed To Find Variable Property - Communicating Between Widget And Actor Blueprint

I’m creating a simple pick up system for a weapon (For mobile) So when the player overlaps the weapon widget shows up with a button to pick the weapon up. The button sets a Boolean to true.(As shown in the Image).

After that I’ve created a branch in my weapon blueprint so checks if the button is pressed and I’ll call the Pressed Bool from widget. I’ve also set the widget variable after creating it.
The problem is weapon blueprint can’t find the Widgets Boolean Variable property.

I really appreciate if some one guide me through this issue, Its taking me too much time.

I’m not sure, but off the top of my head, I think the problem is the target you use in your branch to know if the bool is true or not, it is linked directly off the Create Widget node.

Right after you create the widget, you set the variable “Widget Pick Up” to hold a reference to it.
You should use that as your target to get your bool variable instead. and see what happens.

Hi Dubealex and thanks for the replay!
I didn’t really wanna use the Boolean directly at first , I used custom event to to the bool job , but the problem was I could not set the declared variable in UMG , For example I have declared a variable of rusty knife type in the umg but I couldn’t choose the actor from the scene too effect on (In UMG I can see the available actors in the scenes but after choosing them nothing would happened and Rusty knife type variable would change to none again ) on so I went on using the boolean directly from the UMG.
And about the second part , Yeah it will work out!