Failed to find symbol file, expected location

I’m compiling the unreal editor on openSUSE Leap 15. I clone the Git repository and run ./ and I see SUCCESS message in the end. But when running the editor on terminal I receive these errors:

me@linux-82li:~/repos/UnrealEngine/Engine/Binaries/Linux> ./UnrealVersionSelector-Linux-Shipping -editor
4.21.2-0+++UE4+Release-4.21 517 0
Disabling core dumps.
Signal 11 caught.
Malloc Size=65538 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=65554 
CommonUnixCrashHandler: Signal=11
Malloc Size=65535 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=131119 
Failed to find symbol file, expected location:
Malloc Size=68112 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=199248 
Malloc Size=85200 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=284464 
Engine crash handling finished; re-raising signal 11 for the default handler. Good bye.
Exiting abnormally (error code: 1)

Did anyone ran into this issue before?


For those looking for an answer, try specify opengl version when running your game, my situation here is adding β€œ-opengl4” and finally got it ticked.

Same errors here, have you solved the issue yet? Can you share with me? Ty

Unfortunately, no solution is figured out so far =(

I got it running on my machine by adding β€œ-opengl4” option when running. But still cannot make it tick in docker, it’s more like a gpu issue.

Thanks for sharing your solution =)