Failed to find /Engine/EngineMeshes/Cylinder

Hello everyone.
Today I tried to package my android game, and everything went alright. I used the install.bat to install my game, and it was successfully installed. But when I open it, it gives me the following error message:

Default Property warnings and errors:
Error: CDO Constructor (VehicleWheel): Failed to find /Engine/EngineMeshes/Cylinder

Do you need extra info?

My log:

link text

My packaged .apk was working fine, but after working a week in my game without packaging for tests, this happened.
First, I had three errors: “This project requires the PluginBrowser plugin” & “This project requires the VisualStudioSourceCodeAccess plugin” & the error I told about in my question. The two plugins mentioned were enabled and working. But, for some reason they weren’t being packaged with the game.
With those in mind, I disabled those plugins. Now the only error I have is “Error: CDO Constructor (VehicleWheel): Failed to find /Engine/EngineMeshes/Cylinder”

Oh, it is important to note something.
Although my error says : “Error: CDO Constructor (VehicleWheel): Failed to find /Engine/EngineMeshes/Cylinder”, my game don’t even uses vehicles!

Hey AzorMachine,

I recommend a few things in this situation:

  • Try packaging a clean project to see if you get the same errors. If those plugins aren’t working, it’s possible that you may have removed some necessary files somewhere, or they got corrupted somehow.
  • Try reinstalling the engine version that you’re using, or try installing a later version such as the 4.16 Preview and upgrading a copy of the project to that version to see if the same error occurs. If that works, then it’s likely that those files were removed somehow and you’ll need to reinstall the engine.

Let me know the results.

Have a great day

Got same promblem after update to UE4.15.2.

This is caused by the PhysXVehicles plugin. Somehow the plugin file is being added to the apk, even though it’s disabled. Re-enabling the plugin solves the problem, but I believe this is a bug - that plugin should not be required.