Failed to download resource you may not have purchased this app

Hey Everyone.

After Setting up project and do all the stuff and licensing settings , I’ve uploaded the apk and attached the OBB data to it and published it in google store. the problem is when I download my apk from google( developer console>Manage Releases> artifacts library ) , and try to download data I get this error : failed to download resource you may not have purchased this app

the wired thing is that once again after a while I have downloaded the apk again and installed it , it started to download the resource on my phone , I have decided to test the apk on another phone and I got variable errors like the resource could not be found and the purchase app error. This is really getting frustrating for me after a long time work getting this kind of errors when trying to publish.

So if anyone can give me any help with this I really appreciate it.

Kayhan Ygh,

  • Do you have any logs that you can provide me to review?
  • Have you tested to see whether or not this happens on a sample project from 4.13?
  • Did you ever check 4.14?

When you uploaded your app, did you set it to be a paid app or did you set it as a free app? If you go into the Google Play Developer Console, click on your application and select the ‘pricing & distribution’ tab, there is an option for ‘This application is: Paid or Free’ and you’d want to select ‘free’.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Hey Samantha and thanks for your replay.
The answer to the first three questions is no. It was set to free on google play developer console , After struggling with this problem for few days I figured out that at least once you have to click on the install button on google play store , and whether you download it or cancel the download ( Install the game from apk that you have ) the data starts to download. I was planning to connect google store to our local store which does not support data , but unfortunately it seams there is no point in doing it and the apk must be downloaded from google in order to download data , at least for the first time. I might be wrong about this though , I can really use any suggestions on making this happen , putting 300 mg apk on market is not a good idea.

If you can’t connect to Google PlayStore directly through the internet or data services, then you would not be able to download your APK from the store. If your game is stating that it’s not free when you set it to free, you might need to contact Google about the situation. It doesn’t sound like it would be linked directly to our engine setting your project up a certain way, unless you forgot to turn on the Google Play Services in the Project Settings.

Yes , That’s the problem , And it is from google though for security purposes , I’m now currently working on dlc solution on 4.14.

You’re welcome. Good luck!