Failed to compile invalid blueprint, or blueprint parent no longer exists.

I’m trying to test my game in the Automation tab of the Session Frontend window and keep getting several errors followed by UE4 closing completely. All the errors I get are in the project section but most of the errors seem to be related to blueprints that I’ve deleted and no longer need or use. The game compiles and packages without any issues but when I run this tool I get problems. The error is basically “Failed to compile invalid blueprint, or blueprint parent no longer exists.”

How can I let UE know that the blueprint is no longer needed?

For some odd reason UE seems to keep alot of deleted assets, either for history or possibly a bug.

Navigate to your Content directory in explorer and try cleaning up all the assets that you know you have deleted but still exist on file.

Ive had conflicts with files in the past like this.

redirectors? they shouldnt be deleted direcrtly.

Had issues with deleted files as well. From time to time you need to go into the file explorer and delete all these old 1kb remainings.

no, you shouldnt delete redirectors.
What you should do its rightclick on your foulder in contont browser and push “fix redirectors”

Thanks CriErr, that fixed the issue. It seems useful that UE would do this automatically at some point, I did not know about that option.

You learn something everyday :slight_smile:

thats should be common knowledge, when you deleting some assets it should give you a warning about future redirector problems possibility.