"Failed to CodeSign" when launching on iPhone (iOS 9.1) from Mac (El Capitan)


I have spent about a month racking my brain trying to figure out my problem (I’ve researched here and on google with no luck). I’m trying to launch my virtual reality tour app to test on my iPhone 6s using the Google VR plugin for cardboard support (using a free apple developer account for testing). This VR tour is for my college internship, and I need to have a working prototype of the app by May to show my college’s admissions board to hopefully turn my internship into a job there.

Anyways, the snag I keep running into every time I go to package or launch the app is at the end it always say “Failed to CodeSign.” I don’t know what to do.

I am therefore turning to you, the UE4 community, for any help. I’m including the output log that I got when launching to my device. Maybe someone can look at it and tell me where the problem lies?

A couple things to note:

My iPhone is on iOS 9.1, and I have no current plans to update the firmware, so I am targeting iOS 9.1 (I’m using XCode 7.1 for the iOS 9.1 SDK).

During the output log’s ramblings, I have noticed that the SDKROOT the engine is using is iOS 10.2, which I have no idea how to change (would anyone know how to change this if this is the main problem?).

In addition to the Google VR plugin, I also have SimpleHMD plugin enabled. Would this conflict with Google VR?

Thank you in advance,

Tom H.
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This is the error from your log:

Provisioning profile "iOS Team Provisioning Profile: com.TomHeinzman.NPASVR" is Xcode managed, but signing settings require a manually managed profile.

The following information from this link looks like it tells you how sign Cordova builds with Xcode 8

The following link describes how code signing has changed in Xcode 8:
Signing in Xcode 8

Let me know if neither of these links help resolve this issue.


Unfortunately, neither seems to tell me how to manually sign without having a paid account (which so far seems to be the only way to access the apple developer portal on apple’s developer website for manually managed provisioning profiles). Do you have any other ideas on this subject?

Does anyone know if there is a way to force UE4 to accept an Xcode managed profile? Or should I see if my college can pay for an apple developer account so I can get the manually managed provision profile from the developer portal?

I didn’t realize you didn’t have a paid developer’s account from Apple. If you can’t obtain one for yourself, then yes I’d suggest contacting your college and explaining that a developer’s account is needed to access the provisions and certifications needed for testing apps on iOS devices.