Failed to allocate 8x8x8 in distance field atlas

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First of all, sorry for english. English is not my first language.

I’m using version 4.10 engine.

When I start editor or Compile error log “Failed to allocate 8x8x8 in distance field atlas” is appear…

I have a UStaticMeshComponent* StaticMeshComp and this component set by small sphere mesh that using material instance dynamic.

I find the engine code FDistanceFieldVolumeTextureAtlas::UpdateAllocations().

		// Sort largest to smallest for best packing

		for (int32 AllocationIndex = 0; AllocationIndex < PendingAllocations.Num(); AllocationIndex++)
			FDistanceFieldVolumeTexture* Texture = PendingAllocations[AllocationIndex];
			const FIntVector Size = Texture->VolumeData.Size;

			if (!BlockAllocator.AddElement((uint32&)Texture->AtlasAllocationMin.X, (uint32&)Texture->AtlasAllocationMin.Y, (uint32&)Texture->AtlasAllocationMin.Z, Size.X, Size.Y, Size.Z))
				UE_LOG(LogStaticMesh,Error,TEXT("Failed to allocate %ux%ux%u in distance field atlas"), Size.X, Size.Y, Size.Z);

I thought this cause the error. but i can’t solve the problem…

What can I do for error?

please help me.


I’m having this problem and I don’t know how to resolve it. Did you have any luck?