Failed In-App Purchase on IOS

Hi everyone,

Version: 4.18
Project: New and Only BluePrint (No Code)
OS: Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 7)

I’ve been googling and trying to figure out why my in app purchase kept on failing and how to fix it but I still don’t know how.

Right now I’ve created a new test project to see if it would work. The test project is packaging and installing fine, but when I went to test it on my iPhone the iap it would fail saying ‘Unknown Error’. (I’ve setup a pop-up error widget like Unreal’s Match3 so I could get a bit more info when and if it would fail.)

To go in more depth of the error I hooked my iPhone to my MacBook and opened up Xcode’s Devices and Simulators window and here is what I found in my device console:

UInAppPurchaseCallbackProxy::Trigger - In-App Purchases are not supported by
Online Subsystem
Nov 20 12:58:10 B UE4Game[292] : [2017.11.20-17.58.10:481]
[448]LogBlueprintUserMessages: [Purchase_InApp_C_0] ----PURCHASED

This is the only thing that I could see that is causing my test project to fail. Is there anything I could do to fix it?

Let me know if more information is needed.

Thank you for your time.

Did you ever find a solution for this?

Sadly no. As I couldn’t find the solution I went with a donate option that was a whole lot easier.

And we made our app paid :confused:

Yeah, I thought about having the app paid or not for awhile. With not finding a solution (and factors) I decided to make the app free and anyone who finds the app useful they are able to donate what they would like.

I solved it man! After 2 years, I am able to use IAPs in my game in iOS! Yeyyy.

Just use these:



That’s awesome! :smiley:
Thank you, I’ll have to go back to one of my earlier builds just to try it out when I have some time.

Hi, i have this problem i put all over the IOSEngine.ini file like you, but still give me the error:

LogScriptCore:Warning: Script Msg: UInAppPurchaseCallbackProxy::Trigger - In-App Purchases are not supported by Online Subsystem

I have the folder [Project_Name]/Config/IOS/IOSEngine.ini and [Project_Name]/Config/Android/AndroidEngine.ini but not work.

Any idea why? im using 4.25.2