Failed Import from Maya (Extruded Object)

I’m using Maya 2016 to create a plant roots…

using curve + extruded it …
but when i want to import to UE4…
it says “FAILED IMPORT”…

anyone can help me ?

Hello enixmomo,

Could you provide the .fbx that you are trying to import so that I may test this on my end. “Failed to Import” could be for any number of reasons. Providing the .fbx that is causing this issue will help to narrow down the list of suspects.

What was the solution?

Hello rickdlol,

enixmomo, never responded to my request to provide the FBX that was causing the import issue. If you would like to open a separate thread with your issue and link that here I will investigate your issue at that time.

no solution…

i lost my notification about your answer sorry;.
this is my file …
the fbx file…

I spent sometime investigating on my end, and in my case it seemed to be related to two things:

  1. My SourceControl settings were incorrect (pointing to a workspace on an old machine). In this case this actually caused UnrealEd to crash when I tried to import the second time.

  2. 4.8 does not seem to support FBX2016, I needed to switch to FBX2013. FBX2016 seemed to work fine in my 4.10 test project.

Hello Enixmomo,

No problem I believe I have found the issue.

You won’t be able to import nurbs curves/surfaces into unreal engine. You’ll need to convert them to polygons first. If all you have is a nurbs curve, you won’t be able to convert that to a polygon through Maya’s convert tool. You’d need to loft a surface to it first and then convert the surface to polygons.

Ok thanks so much
You’re doing well

I had this problem and it was driving me a little crazy, I needed to switch to the latest FBX exporter (2016) in Maya to solve my particular issue.

It still happens sometimes when trying to overwrite an object, solution being to import a new object or just keep trying. If I find a repro I will create a new thread.

Thanks for the follow up!