Failed Asset reload window on editor restart

If I double click a Blueprint or other asset a new window pops up with tabs where I can edit these assets. Somehow my project has become corrupted due to a crash while I was using editor. Every time I start editor TWO windows open.

One is regular editor and second is an Empty window frame with no elements at all. just window frame, min, max and close buttons. There is no way to interact with this window other than to close it. However closing it also closes main editor window.

So basically I’m stuck with this empty window which takes up screen space and I can not get rid of it. If I double click any assets they open in a third window and work normally. I’ve tried dragging and dropping tabs into empty frame but that doesn’t work. It simply does not respond to anything. title of frame button in windows taskbar is “Example_Map” so I’m assuming something went wrong when I was editing that asset.

Is there a console command to close asset editing windows or any cache files I can delete to resolve this problem?

Hey Waves,

It sounds like you dislodged main Editor tab from tab bar. Closing this will close editor, as you’ve discovered, and there is no way to replace tab without restarting editor. This issue has been fixed in 4.5; you will no longer be able to remove tab from tab bar in next version of editor.

For now, what you will need to do is go to Window > Reset Layout… which will prompt you to restart editor. When it is reopened, tab will be where it belongs and you won’t have extra empty window.

Hope that helps!

Yep that worked … editor is working as single window again.