Fail To Import Provioson In 4.9

I Own a Mac Pro & A High End SLI PC, I Reinstalled X Code, Epic games launcher, ue4, 4.9, 4.7, 4,8, i revoked all my certificates created new ones…
new provisions…
i created new projects in unreal…
No Matter What I tried Nothing Works…
When I Import Provision, it waits and loads ~10 sec then it changes to no provision found again !
this goes on on mac and windows .
i tried using the iphone pakager, i tried project settings…
i tried wild card, i tried editing info.plist in engine\intermediate\ios…
i tried everything,…
but when i click import provision for the second time and onward… it says ( PROVISION ALREADY EXISTS DO U WANT TO REPLACE IT ) i click yes then it loads and turn into no provision found again…
i tried generate key from unreal…
i tried generate key from x code…
or manualy by keychain…
noting works…
but i have a prototye of my actual game HATBOY on my iphone right now ! from last year using ue4 4.6 !!!
Also no check mark appears not in ue4 project setting nor in iphone packager…

Hi, I have the same problem… :frowning:
[Can't import iOS MobileProvision on OSX10.11 - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums][1]
Do you figured out that problem? Thanks.

Can't import iOS MobileProvision on OSX10.11 - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hi guys, same exact problem here! Can anyone help us please?

Hi, the IPP couldn’t find the file UE4Game-Info.plist and basically didn’t work. I found this file in another folder of UE4 (engine/intermediate) I tried to put it where the IPP asked but no luck! Don’t know what to do, really

Hi, Gasperini. Did you have ‘IPP ERROR’ on Output log? Seems there’s only a few people have this issue :frowning:

Hey ,

Have you gone through the steps again and making sure everything is set up accordingly for iOS? If you’re not sure, here is the [iOS Documentation page][1]. Is this happening on every version of the engine, do you have any that show the actual issue? Please include as many details as possible.


Setting Up an Unreal Engine Project for iOS | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

Hi Everyone, Hi , Actually about 1 month ago i put the time to go through 10 hours of reading ios developer library,
to really understand this whole CF Bundle , ID , identifier, profile and other apple stuff…
after several attempts i managed to get my APP on my iphone5s on UE 4.9 !!!
and then i stopped reading entirely :smiley:
Yes This Problem Goes On In All version all on os 8.1 64bit and mac pro latest os ( before el capitan ) .
now before this comment i went to where said under (ENGINE/INTERMEDIATE) and even though my problem is fixed, u r RIGHT GULIO thats exactly where the files r on my system too… :slight_smile:
but my screen will always stay exactly as the pic i uploaded it stays GREY and no green chechmark appears and it sais no provisioN BUT ITS THERE ! and when i try to install the game it does !
now i simply fixed my problem by changing a bunch of names…
i recreated all provision profiles and certificate and stuff with the name COM.IMMORTALEADER.*
and i made that consistent through all parts and it worked.
it’s apples fault by that part, but this files going to wrong folder is ue’s problem .
thank u all :slight_smile: <3
in details currently my BUNDLE DISPLAY NAME and BUNDLE NAME are both = wild
and my Bundle IDENTIFIER is com.immortaleader.*
this worked for me and i never dared change it :slight_smile:
bu t i am testing this on 4.10 as i comment

Thank you so much, it worked for me too!
I didn’t move any .plist file and i just went through the all process again, naming everything consinstently in the Apple developer site. I changed the three names (bundle, bundle id, bundle identifier) in UE4 project settings with com.giuliogas, and it worked! Thanks again!

Hi , thanks, solved, please have a look at comments below.

Glad That i Could Help Another Fellow Developer :slight_smile:

Recreating the mobile provision file with the same name as the certificate doesn’t work for me. I have never had luck working with Apple products. I was hoping this project might be different. If there are any other workarounds, I would love greatly appreciate any and all help.


Kinda confused by this answer-- dealing with the same issue and could really use a simple list of how to solve this if anyone knows <3