Fading Static Meshes In


I’m trying to have multiple static meshes fade in when certain conditions have been met. I understand this can be achieved through materials, though this is somewhat complicated by the fact that all of my static meshes use the same material - my game features objects with flat colours, and so I’m using a texture atlas. I get the sense a material instance should help me but I just can’tfigure out where to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You are thinking along the right lines. Create a material with an alpha parameter then in your actors blueprint you can create a dynamic material instance and assign it to your mesh. Once you’ve done that you can change the alpha parameter on that dynamic material instance within your event graph when certain events in your game are triggered. Sorry I can’t show you an example I’m on my phone at the moment but the docs will explain it far better than I could anyway…nstancedynamic