Fading Contrast

So I’m trying to make a loading screen that looks at least somewhat interesting.

I have this picture that it pretty much has a black background, with my character that has a gray and white coloring. Now I want that to have a sort of animation that switches that black background to a white background and the character to switch to a black and gray coloring.

Here’s a sort of example Let's Play: Silent Hill 2 pt.1 - Trailer and Menus - YouTube

You can see the title of the game game just kind of fades to black then white then black to white.

I’m pretty sure this is accomplishable with a widget and making an animation in the widget, I just don’t have the knowledge to know how.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Make an animation in the widget
  2. Go to the Details tab of the component you wish to animate
  3. Find the property you wish to animate (Color)
  4. Click the button next to the property to add the component, track, and keyframe to the animation
  5. Add more keyframe as you see fit
  6. Create more animations
  7. Use the Play Animation node to play a certain animation upon pressing a certain button/some other trigger
  8. Profit