Fading Camera Without Mobile HDR

I’m making a Mobile VR project and am trying to fade the camera in/out without the use of Mobile HDR (and Post Processes). The Set Manual Camera Fade and related nodes looked promising, but they required Mobile HDR!

My hack solution is to put a cube around the camera and fade the material in and out, but it is just too hacky for me. Is there a way to fade the camera without Mobile HDR and Post Processes?


As a side note, fading in Matinee doesn’t work either.

yes, i’ve done this with widgets. create a widget, and just add a border and make this border a variable you can access. then, in your game mode (or where ever you want to control this widget), add this borderWidget to the viewport. then create a timeline that outputs an alpha. use this alpha to lerp between any color with an alpha of 1, and that same color with an alpha of zero. plug this color lerp into your ‘set brush color’ function associated with the border widget.

But this causes overdaw, a full-screen overdraw, actually. This will affect performance noticeably.