Fading between levels

Hi. I am working on a single player game but i have a little problem. The main menu is done and a little test level but when i click on New Game i think the game freezes but it doesn’t. I get confused and think the engine crashes and it doesn’t so i was thinking maybe i should make a fading scene in the game. I would like to know haw to make the camera fade to black, show a picture that says loading, and how to fade from black to the new level. (in blueprint please) thanks.

You need to make loading screens. You need to play your fade to black, then leave a static black image, load the new level, and on it’s load play your loading animation.

You can do it straight in blueprint with HUD, in UMG, or in Slate. I think UMG is the easiest. Make your UMG Widget and that gets a Media Player that plays your animations.

So the fading part has to be a video made in a movie program like Windows movie maker?

Check out this video, then apply what it teaches you to before/after your level load. Instead of auto-playing the matinee you can target the matinee and tell it to play from wherever you’re doing the level change

I know this is an old thread but i am new to this and while I can get the fade in to work what i am trying to do is gets level to fade to black from a box trigger. Doesn’t seem to trigger the fade?
Any thoughts?
Thank you