FadeIn/FadeOut effect using UMG in stamina bar and LevelUP Message!

Does anyone here know how to create a FadeIn/FadeOut effect using UMG in a stamina bar or some widget message. In the stamina bar, It should appear only when I press shift and disappear when released shift.

I already have a functional stamina bar, But I can not put to run this FadeIn / FadeOut animation. The same thing happens when I try to animate one LevelUP message. This MESSAGE always restart animating every time I restart the level, but does not run when I conquer the levelup, no more, even binded in function that increases the levelUp value. It works only once. Also realize that is not possible create a fade effect in **Image **using animation widget, the thing only works with text messages.

Any help will be appreciated and so I can sharing my progress

PS.: I find nothing that covers this subject in FAQ!:frowning:


For the Fade In/Out, you might try modifying the Alpha of the fill color/image. I used this to make segments of my endurance bar fade in/out as they regen or get used up. If you just want it to fade in when the key is pressed, and out when it’s released, you might need to use a pair of timer variables (floats that set time when you press/release the buttons and have the DeltaSeconds value from Tick subtracted each Tick). I can try to put something together for it when I get home.


This fading effect I’ve got and is running. The problem is that this event is triggered by a function variable called “LevelUP” within the same widget which is the same that is updating the Level-up value in HUD. This animation that I’m trying to run is linked in an eventTick conected in a branch that asks if this is an integer “LevelUP” > “LevelUP”, only then should be executed the animation. But this is firing every time that the game is started, and nothing happens when takes place a real LevelUP.

Anyone know how to fire a umg animation in each Level-UP acquired?

Your help will be appreciated


To make an animation play once, you might use a boolean. Make the animation trigger when it’s true, have your Level Up Event flip it to true, then have the widget flip it back to false when the animation has triggered. I haven’t tried this with UMG yet, but i have used similar methods for character animation blueprints (to play a specific skeletal animation on certain conditions).