Fade to black and white on death?

Hi guys title says it all really .When my player/ship crashes i have a delay before the level restarts.during that delay i want to fade to black and white . I have looked at the documentation and i can only see a method of fading to and from black .

In post process material: Gray = Red * 0.2989 + Green * 0.5870 + Blue * 0.1140
Increase contrast to get a black/white image.

Use the gain setting under the post process volume. Gain of 1=normal, gain of zero=black, gain of a really big number like 300=white. This will achieve what you’re looking for.

EDIT: Oh and Mars007, there is a node called desaturation that performs that already with default luminance values of (R=0.300000,G=0.590000,B=0.110000,A=0.000000). Saves you from having to make a function or add the nodes.

Hey @mr_starfire I made a tutorial if this is still not clear. I set this up in a game I made several years ago. Check it out if you still need help: