fade the map

There is a way that fade out the screen of the map and appear a widget(like fnaf at the end when appears the 6 o clock?)

There is a way, I was working for it some weeks ago and managed to do it:

I even did a little “guide” explaining how I did it in other post. Check this post: Transitions and Loading Screen between maps - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Yes. In the blueprints there is a node called “start camera fade”. To fade out leave the first alpha at 0 and the second alpha to at least 5 to set how dark you want it and the duration to how fast and long you want it to last. And to fade in just reverse the alpha settings in the node. Then just use the “create widget” node after it has faded out and insert the widget you want it to load.

Ouch… Didn’t know that command, even in the other post where some ppl tryed help noone mentioned it.

Ill work with it now then, thanks dmunoz9226 :slight_smile:

thanks to both

You’re welcome. The both of you :slight_smile: