Fade out when dying?

Hi i made a game for the oculus rift. it’s a game where you die alot and when you die you respawn instantly and try again, like flappy bird.

The problem is it makes you sick after doing this again and again, and i need some sort of slow transistion like fading out and fading in again, when you die.

Problem is i dont have any idea of how to do this… Any ideas? :smiley:

Or just something thats not teleport, any idea/bump

Use Matinee with Fade track?

But if i do that, will the matinee start from my death location, the death can take place many different places?

It will. When you have a Director track(and a Fade track under it) but no specific camera controlling the director track, you see the fade in/out effect on player camera. So, you set your fade track’s keys(fading to black) and then play the Matinee when the player dies, and then reverse it when the player respawns.

I’m really new to Ue4, i will try this tomorrow.

But all i have to do it insert a fade track in a matinee and just make a blueprint that : eventbeginstart → play → the matinee

Okay i got it now, but i cant set a reference to a matinee actor in the bluprint of my object. And in the level blueprint i cant add referece to my object blueprint…

I need to make it so when the player overlaps with this object the effect will start