Fade In From Splash Screen

As the title says, after the splash screen has finished, I would like to fade into the main menu from black. I have a matinee which does this but I don’t know how I would script this in blueprints. Could anyone help?
Much appreciated!

See the below image

My main menu is set up as a widget that appears in front of the level. Is there any way I could make the matinee go in front of the Widget? Thanks.

Set the visibility of the widget after the play event, base it on a delay. When it’s in the world, set it’s settings to invisible. Add a delay after the matinee to the duration of the matinee (or add on a matinee complete node, whatever), and the toggle the visibility of the widget.

This makes the HUD just “appear”… ideally you would animate the hud alpha to match that of the matinee fade track (should be able to do this in matinee?), but this should get you started on the right track. I did see in the matinee “Should hide player” and “Should hide HUD”… so if you make your widget part of the HUD class… something to think about too.

This is the player blueprint:

And this is the level blueprint: