Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš, Serbia

Hi all,

My name is Nikola Stojanovic and I work at Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš, Serbia. Many years ago we have started this project, you can see development thread here and other projects that we have done with UDK.

Two students are working in this project for now: Marko Milinkovic and Nemanja Praščević. In this video you can see inside of the building how complex it is (25000m2). It was very quick UE 4 import, with real time lightning.

Outside modeling is finished too, still need to be imported in UE4 to do foliage.

Test render with the old scene and UE4 (Lightmass)

Thank you C&C are very welcome.


I have a question, what is optimum poly count for Unreal 4? We will optimize it more as soon UVs are done.